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Why TIC Tours?
1. What makes us Special?
The Advantage of TIC Tours over its competitors is the efficiency of dynamic team of professionals and a highly motive management who co-operate with each other harmoniously, and who all work for the same goal. The travel products are often updated to give clients perfect holiday possible. The package tours described in our website range from easy touring to challenging activities, all focusing in some depth on culture, history, lifestyle, wildlife, cuisine & landscape of India especially Kerala. We invented and carved a platform where you can just enter and get an access to travel India. That's so simple! At top of everything, we have made sure that you are facilitated with 24X7 Customer Care without leaving any margin of error.

2. Who should travel with TIC Tours?
The goal TIC Tours is to provide the best travel services to travelers from all over the world. No matter where you are from, and no matter what kind of travel arrangement you need in India, we can offer you the best solutions via the lowest cost possible services. Whether you choose discount guesthouses or 5 star luxury accommodations you are in good hands. We select our hotels like we select all aspects of our tours, with great care that ensures the highest quality. When you choose Global Taste as your culinary travel specialists, you are guaranteed to love your cuisine and culture experience.

3. What kind of tours do we offer?
TIC Tours offers three different kinds of tours:
Set Itineraries: you can choose to join a group tour, departing on a fixed date, there will be people from other parts of the world in the group;

Private Tours: a fixed itinerary but without fixed departure dates, you can take it whenever it is convenient for you, there will be only you and your friends in the group, this also includes many of our Theme Tours or City Tours;

Tailor Made Tours: you can choose one of our set itinerary or private tours and tailor it to suit your needs.
(We can also arrange accommodation and flight booking services).

4. What makes TIC Tours different from other travel companies?
(1) Great variety of choices plus flexibility
We have thoroughly researched the Indian Travel Market and tourists’ needs, and therefore we are confident that our website offers a great variety of tours which highlight the many different aspects of Indian culture. One of our specialties is creating tailor-made tours, and all you need to do is to tell us what you want to see and do whilst in India, and our experienced travel consultants will help design your own itinerary to suit your requirements. We have a very user-friendly search engine which will allow you to easily navigate through the site to search for tour packages, cruise ships, discount hotels and flight tickets.

(2) Unbeatable value for money
TIC Tours never intends to be the cheapest travel company in the market. We believe in terms of quality and costs, we offer the best value for money for your trip to India. Our goal is to make our customers happy with every penny they spend with us.

(3) Professional, warm manner and quick response to client’s needs
No matter what you want to know about traveling in India, please feel free to email or Call, our office staff and our travel advisors will use their professional knowledge and experience to offer you the best advice. We promise to reply to you within 24 working hours.

We are arranging package tours to any countries through our associates in the respective places.
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We are providing domestic tour packages, sightseeing tours, daily tours and Cruises to various parts of India mainly in Kerala.
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